At Jackson Electric we can help you with all sorts of electrical issues.  We not only service single family residential and commercial, we are also experienced with multi-unit residential housing, new construction and remodels. We offer electrical services that include…

(If you aren’t sure if your problem requires an electrician, read this to get more information, and call us if you have questions!  Also check out our FAQ!)

We think safety is most important and we work with you to ensure safety and quality care.  In fact, we can offer you a complimentary safety inspections with your service call!

Please note that we have a company policy – due to safety and liability reasons, we do not repair or service homes wired in aluminum, unless we are replacing the main electrical service panel or re-wiring the home.

For more information regarding our services please contact by phone or e-mail.  We look forward to talking with you soon!

Our basic service map.  Click the image below to full-size it.


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