I have a home with aluminum wire, can you make it safer?

Category: Electrical Questions

Only if we completely re-wire your home in copper wire.  Our company policy is that we don’t install COP-ALUM fixtures or do repairs on aluminum-wired homes. That includes homes with both copper and aluminum mixed.  We have an article that discusses aluminum wiring, and why we feel it is a hazard.  Aluminum wire is too high of a liability to deal with, in our opinion.  FYI, your large utility service wires that come from the city are often made of aluminum wire, which is safe to use. Just not in branch circuits.

Don’t lose hope if a rewire isn’t in your budget – there are many electrical contractors in the Austin area that repair aluminum-wired homes.  Not sure if your home has aluminum wire?  Homes built before the mid-1960’s or after the mid 1970’s are usually fine; to be certain, we can come do a safety inspection to find out.