How long does it take to (________)?

Category: Electrical Questions

It honestly depends on your situation to figure out how long something takes.  For example, a typical switch can take 10-15 minutes to replace; but if we open it up and see unsafe conditions, it can increase that time to 30 minutes or longer. A basic fan replacement is usually 30-45 minutes, but installing a brand new fan, including cutting into a ceiling, installing braces and hooking up a new remote switch with it, can take 1-2 hours.  A lot of variables depend on how simple or complex your install is, which is why most service calls we will charge the hourly rate, and we do not do per-item charges. Here are some factors we consider during installations and repairs, which include:

  • available attic space / crawl space
  • how many stories your home is
  • how high up the fixtures are
  • can the installation be done without damaging sheet rock (most cases, the answer is no)
  • where your panel is in relation to other available wiring
  • how much power your new appliance requires, and if your home can handle the electrical load
  • does your panel have the physical space available for new breakers
  • type of ceiling (vaulted, cathedral, standard, open-beam, etc.)
  • the year your home was built
  • etc.