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Services and Fees

Category: Services and Fees

On service work, no; all fees are listed here. There are a few other things we want to be up-front about:

  • Large contract jobs will be invoiced as the job progresses, and those invoices are due at the time of receipt.  Payments received for invoices that are 30 days after the due date are subject to 1.5% late fees, up to 18% per year.
  • If you need to change your bid/contract, the change order must be in writing and approved before the work starts – which may affect your price one way or another.
  • Commercial service work and remodels are subject to local and state sales tax on top of all other charges.
Category: Services and Fees

Yes, the basic materials like wire, boxes, connectors, some stock plugs, switches, etc.  We don’t have a wide range selection of materials, as fixtures and devices come in so many styles and colors.  If you have a fixture in mind that you’d like to use, you can pick it up ahead of time.  Otherwise, if we know what color plug/switch you need, we can make sure we have it on the truck before we get there. But as stated above, if we provide materials, we will have to charge for them.

Category: Services and Fees

Yes, we give free estimates to both residential and commercial projects; they are valid for 30 days. Commercial estimates are completed by our master electrician. There is one caveat – if you do not have drawn plans, and our master electrician has to come up with the design, there is a minimum non-refundable $500 charge, whether or not you choose us to do the job  The estimate/design fee will be deducted from your estimate if you accept our bid.

Category: Services and Fees

Full payment is due at the completion of service; we will provide you an invoice either in-person or email.  We accept cash, check, Paypal, Venmo, and credit card/ATM.  For large contract jobs with a deposit/draw schedule or a Schedule of Values, all invoices are due at the time of billing.

Category: Services and Fees

NOTE – our prices have changed as of February 23, 2022

We charge for labor and materials. For labor, We have a flat rate for hourly service work (basic items like changing out switches, fixtures, diagnostics, etc.). All rates have a 1-hour minimum charge, but we allow for half-hours after the first. Service calls each have individual situations, so we don’t charge per-item (read here for some things that we may run into).

  • 1 Electrician – $185/hr
  • 2 Electricians – $215/hr
  • 3 Electricians – $240/hr
  • 4 Electricians – $260/hr
  • 5 Electricians – $280/hr, or a bid may be necessary.

These rates apply to both residential and commercial properties. Commercial service work will also have sales tax charged (it’s a legal thing). Materials are charged in addition to the above.

Category: Services and Fees

Sorry, no.  We require payment at the time of service, because we are simply not in the position to offer financing at this time.  You must seek your own reimbursement from your insurance company, based on what your policy covers.

Category: Services and Fees

If we’re short on materials, that’s on us.  Your clock pauses if we have to go get something, and un-pauses when we get back.  HOWEVER, if you ask us to go shopping to pick something out for you, or there is additional work you want done that was not mentioned at the time of scheduling and we now have to pick up additional items we did not anticipate, we will charge that time.  If you have a style preference or fixture you like already picked out, you can have it ready on-site.

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