Are you looking for a way to brighten up your home decor? One great way to bring a new look to your space is to update your light fixtures and fittings.

Here are some ideas to bring new light to your home.

  • A pendant lamp makes a beautiful focal point for your entry way, providing a bright and welcoming first impression of your home. A chandelier also works well in a larger foyer.
  • Installing track lighting in your kitchen allows for greater illumination of your work space. There are many stylish lamp options and today’s flexible track means you can customize your track lighting to suit your needs.
  • Rather than using a single ceiling fixture, divide your master bath into lighting zones. Sconces placed on either side of the mirror reduce glare and provide more natural, even lighting. Add recessed lighting to the shower and a ceiling fixture with a ventilation fan in the main commode area.
  • Hallways often lack natural light sources, making them dark even in the middle of the day. Brighten your hallway with recessed ceiling fixtures paired with baseboard level lighting. Baseboard lighting installed with a dimmer switch can be left on during the night for your family’s safety and convenience.
  • When choosing lighting for your dining area, keep in mind how you use the space. An elaborate chandelier is suitable for formal dining area used only for entertaining; however, a Tiffany-style hanging lamp adds intimacy and warmth to a breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen.

Updating the light fixtures in your home is an easy and cost-effective way to give your space a whole new look. Having professionals do the work ensures that your new lighting is installed properly, according to industry standards and regulations. We have master electricians on staff, ready to handle your installation. Please contact us for all your electrical installation and repair needs.