Warmer months means living it up outside. But it also brings severe and sometimes unpredictable weather. So with the chances of weather uncertainty and heat, it’s best to be prepared for anything.  It’s true that power surges can happen during any season of the year, but there is a sharp spike in activity during warmer months due to excessive electricity usage and lightning storms.

Is your home protected against power surges?

How secure is your home or business from a power surge? When a thunderstorm is on the horizon, the electricity is bouncing all around us. This can cause sudden surges in voltage throughout structures wired with electricity. Which, when not taken care, causes outages and sometimes worse.

Staying protected isn’t difficult, and understanding why it happens can help to prevent it.

High Voltage

For example, when the mercury rises, compressors attached to refrigerators and air conditioners are working at peak capacity, at higher voltage than normal. This electrical environment makes it easy for a surge to take place, and cause instability in the infrastructure.

Low Voltage

Similarly, too little voltage in units like your air conditioner can cause it to work too hard to function. Because it isn’t getting the proper voltage, it functions abnormally and sometimes not at all.

Can it Happen to You?

Absolutely. But there are many ways to protect from it. The signs, however, are usually clear and obvious during the warmer months when appliances are running at their peak.

There are several ways of discerning if this is happening to you, but the only way to accurately measure it and correct it is to hire a professional electrician.

For more information on having your home protected from power surges, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.