Holiday Decoration Safety Tips


It’s that time of the year to outdo the neighbor’s decorations and put up enough lighting around your house to make Clark Griswold blush! Christmas decorations go as far back as the 1600s in Germany with the use of candles and became even more popular in the mid-1900s with the improvement of outdoor cables. But before you start on your merry way be sure to go through these safety tips first. Never plug in anything until you’ve followed these steps!

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Austin Electrician Outlines How We Help Commercial Business


Maintaining your Central Texas commercial business requires a lot of work, Including property upkeep, managing customers or services, bookkeeping, hiring employees, and so on. It’s enough responsibility to keep you busy all day, everyday.  But when it comes to electrical issues, you shouldn’t have to worry. Dealing with electrical problems should be left to a professional electrician in Austin, and not tended to by yourself.  Here are just a few of the commercial services that we offer to commercial businesses.

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The Difference between Fluorescent, Incandescent and LED Lighting


Through the years, the traditional incandescent light bulb has gone through several changes. In an effort to reduce energy costs, extend life, and increase safety, the incandescent bulb has taken a back seat to fluorescent and most recently, LED style bulbs.

When deciding which is best for applications throughout the home, the consumer must understand how these bulbs work, how long they will last, and how they change the way we perceive color.

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Electrical Repairs for Landlords


Owning rental property isn’t always a money maker. Especially when you factor in paying someone for basic repairs and updates. You might think it’ll be fine to just to do some by yourself, like installing a new ceiling light or updating an outlet. After all, there are tons of How-To’s on the internet, right? And think of the money you’ll save.

Think again.

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Thinking About Going Green? What Are the Benefits?

Are you thinking about Going Green and saving money all at the same time? Do you know the Benefits of Going Green?

We see and hear the words “Go Green” all the time these days. While you may know their meaning, you may not know what great benefits they can provide. The most obvious benefit is saving the earth. Another important benefit is saving money. By reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, you can save money on energy costs and in just about every area of your life. This is great because you’re saving energy, the planet and your money all at the same time. People are seeing this more and more these days.  Going Green can improve your health both physically and mentally. You’ll feel better because you did your part for a cleaner, greener environment, and with a little help, the world around you will be a better place for everyone.

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