Children: Important Electrical Safety Tips for the Holidays


Parents worry about the safety of their children day in and day out.  We worry about stranger danger, car safety, pool safety, anything and everything that can be potentially dangerous for our children.  Electrical issues around the home are just as worrisome.  With the holiday season coming, it’s important to keep in mind these important tips to keep your decorations from becoming a hazard for your kids. Here are a few important electrical safety tips and solutions to keep in mind when you have children around.

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Helping Keep Children Safe

At Jackson Electric Inc., we believe that customer service goes beyond solving electrical emergencies or providing expertise and electrical services. Children are precious and most people try to protect them. Many go to great lengths to child- and baby-proof their homes. With locking mechanisms on cabinets and doors, making sure they can not get to anything that may be hazardous, we fence off stairs, we put protective coverings over sharp corners and these are all wonderful steps to promote the safety of your child. But we can’t forget to take the correct steps on perhaps one of the most important aspects of child safety, and that issue is electricity.

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