Garden Lighting

Can lighting up your patio help make a great addition to your home?

Can it help allow you to spend more time outside at night?

Can it help accentuate the best parts of your landscape and patio?

Let us help you create patio and garden lighting can really create some wonderful effects and make your experience outside even more enjoyable.  Let us help you create and really add to the feel of your home.  Patio lights have in recent times become a part of modern home decor and outdoor furnishing.  And it will not break the bank to create that look and feel in or outside of your home.

Many people have a patio cover or garden and don’t know how easy it is to put in some lighting and fans in that will create a beautiful atmosphere for you to enjoy.  We can also add fans to cool you off in these hot summer days.  We can go green, save money and keep the way you impact the local environment, and the earth in mind with LED or solar patio lights.

LED Outdoor Lights vs. Conventional Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting has become extremely popular. LED garden lights deliver beautiful effects while being very easy to install, safe for plants, animals and children, fairly inexpensive to buy, super-long lasting and very cheap to run!

Traditionally, lighting your garden or patio was done with normal incandescent bulbs and halogen spotlights.  This can overwhelm the normal sized family garden. Also, unlike LED, they can be quite hazardous to your plants because of the very high temperatures of the bulbs. Also, traditional outdoor lighting costs significantly more to run because they use easily ten times more electricity than LED garden lights, plus also need the bulbs to be replaced on a regular basis (some LED garden lights are capable of lasting a decade or more).

Solar Patio Lights

Solar patio lights have been around for a while; however, they were a pretty penny in the beginning.  These lights have dropped in price now due to the increase in ability to manufacture these lights and the high demand.  This means lower prices for you!

Not only are these lights inexpensive and effective, they are a great way to live green.  To top it off you don’t have to pay for the electricity!

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