Home interior 3D rendering

You can easily change the look of any room with just light.  As electricians, we are not only concerned with safety and usability, we also love being artistic with our work!  Would it help you to know how to change up the look of a room in your house?  Would it help you to have tips on how to make a room look bigger?

Lets take a small bathroom…Did you know you can make it seem bigger and change the way it feels with just light?  Without taking up any counter space, you can add extra lighting to “open up” the look of your bathroom and add interest. You can use recessed can lights into the ceiling and aim the focused on any work space.

You can also add wall sconces or a counter-top lamp to add warmth. More expensive alternatives for bringing more light into the room would be skylights, larger windows.

If you add more lighting you create a lively vibe with lots of energy. I would use multiple light fixtures and dimensions to create the illusion of a bigger room. Including multiple indoor lighting is stimulating and really livens up a room.

Alternately, you can use less lighting to create a more intimate feeling. Subdued lighting is easier on the eyes and more relaxing; this can include the use of small table lamps, recessed lighting, dimmers, a fireplace or candles.

By adding sconces to the sides of a fire place and a nice floor lamp between couches, you’ll find that your room has been reborn into a peaceful, relaxing place.

You know how a room can just need a little something to give it a facelift, right?  You know when you feel the mood for a change – for something that makes me go wow when you walk in a room?

For you to accomplish a whole new look without a whole new room is with new lighting… Whether through sconces, a floor lamp, dimmers, small table lamps, recessed lights, or a chandelier – your entire room can be transformed without busting your budget!

Creatively use light to change the look and feel of a room. Modern light fixtures not only add to the brightness or warmth of a room, depending on how they are used, but they also add to the décor.

Do you have any ideas on how you can change the look and feel of your lighting?  Give us a call and we can help!