At Jackson Electric Inc., we believe that customer service goes beyond solving electrical emergencies or providing expertise and electrical services. Children are precious and most people try to protect them. Many go to great lengths to child- and baby-proof their homes. With locking mechanisms on cabinets and doors, making sure they can not get to anything that may be hazardous, we fence off stairs, we put protective coverings over sharp corners and these are all wonderful steps to promote the safety of your child. But we can’t forget to take the correct steps on perhaps one of the most important aspects of child safety, and that issue is electricity.

We would like to help make electricity a safe convenience for everyone. Many of us here are parents and are passionate about educating on the best way to protect their families when it comes to electricity. Did you know that about seven children a day end up in the emergency room do to electrical accidents? It’s sad! We hope we can help bring that number down, way down! So here are some helpful hints going over how to help make your home a safer environment for babies and children and to help prevent tragedy in your home.

  •  The most common form of electrical accidents with children is sticking objects into electrical outlets. Most people prevented that by using socket guards (plastic plugs inserted into outlet receptacles) another way is to install new Tamper-Resistant Outlets (TRO). These outlets have been proven to significantly reduce the number of children involved in electrical accidents.
  •  Education is a powerful tool against electrical accidents. Like anything talk to your children and let then know the danger. Teach any older children to never insert any object other than an electrical plug or safety guard into outlets, never to touch an appliance with wet hands, and never to unplug and appliance by jerking or pulling on the cord.
  •  Water is a very good conductor of electrical current, kitchens and bathrooms are areas to be concerned with when making your house child-safe. The best way to prevent injury in these rooms is to be alert and keeping watch when using water and electricity in close proximity. It is common to bathe infants in sinks and on counters in the kitchen or bathroom; it is also common to use things like hair dryers, electric razors, or hair clippers around sinks. We highly recommend installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets (GFCIs) around sinks, tubs, and any other areas that are likely to involve water or moisture in you home. In addition to installing GFCIs, remember to avoid touching appliances with wet hands, unplug all appliances when not in use, keep electrical appliances out of reach of tubs.