lightning striking electrical tower in Texas

Central Texas is known for our fierce electrical storms during the warmer season and can be a problem for commercial and residential properties. Once you see lightning strike in your vicinity, you should immediately head indoors. However, although your home is a safe location, you still need to take several safety precautions until the storm has passed.  We’ve put together a few ways for protecting your home and others from electrical injuries in the event of a severe thunderstorm.

Before anything else, monitor the National Weather Service and your local news/weather stations during severe weather.  Safety for yourself, your family and pets are priority over everything else.

1. Invest in surge protectors
Without a surge protector, all of those fancy and expensive electronic gadgets will be at risk of receiving a power surge that will ultimately fry the equipment within. A small investment in surge protection could save you thousands of dollars to replace electrical items. Even small power surges can continuously damage electrical components over time. Whole-house surge protectors defend appliances from lightning damage. Talk to our electricians about installing home surge protectors throughout your home. If you have time, unplug electronic equipment before the storm arrives.

2. Avoid plumbing fixtures
Water and electricity do not mix well, so you should never jump in the bath or shower until a storm has completely dissipated. This also applies to doing laundry, dishes, or any other water-related activity. 

3. Stay away from corded appliances
Using a corded phone during a storm is the main cause of electrical injury in the United States. Nowadays, most homeowners favor their cell phones over a home phone, but if you still use a corded telephone, we recommend you avoid making calls when lightning occurs unless there is an emergency.  Note that most cell phones will still give you access to 911 even if a cell tower is down or you don’t have service.

4. Don’t touch electrical outlets
Since electricity and shocks can be transferred through an electrical outlet, interacting with an outlet during the storm is hazardous. Instead, try to use only battery-powered appliances until the weather is clear.

5. Never go outside until you are definitely clear of the storm.
Once it has passed, do an inspection around your home or business. If you find damage to your meter box, home wiring, or weather head, don’t turn your power on until an electrician inspects your system and makes necessary repairs. Our expert electricians will quickly address the problem and restore your home back to its original condition.

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