Owning rental property isn’t always a money maker. Especially when you factor in paying someone for basic repairs and updates. You might think it’ll be fine to just to do some by yourself, like installing a new ceiling light or updating an outlet. After all, there are tons of How-To’s on the internet, right? And think of the money you’ll save.

Think again.

According to the US Fire Association, house fires injure over 1,000 people a year. One major cause is faulty electrical outlets and old wiring (read our blog regarding faulty outlets, or our other blogs about electrical safety). Risking a tenant’s life and your investment property to save a few dollars just isn’t worth it.

We can help landlords keep their properties safe and up to code. So while you stay focused on retaining tenants and managing their concerns, we stay focused on current electrical laws and codes and can help you with your electrical concerns.  An example of jobs our electricians can do for landlords of small or large properties:

  • Install additional outside lighting for safety of tenants
  • For larger properties like apartments, wire for a landlord electric meter so tenants aren’t billed for common areas
  • Wire the laundry area so individual washer/dryers units are on separate apartment electric bills, not the common area bill
  • Install additional outlets so tenants don’t rely on dangerous extension cords.
  • Hardwire smoke alarms systems with battery backups
  • Update breaker panels
  • Install LED light fixtures – they are appropriate for parking lots, common areas, or individual units, both interior/exterior.  They use about 20% of the energy an incandescent light does and are often brighter. Read more about them here.

Our certified electricians are prompt, professional and polite. We take pride in our work and we take every job seriously.  Contact us for more information about our services or to discuss your electrical needs.