“If you’re experiencing any electrical problems in your home or office you should contact a professional electrician ASAP.  Depending on the issue, an unchecked problem could pose potential danger, and it could also increase your electric bill.  If you live in city like Austin TX,  having a power outage during the summer months can be hard to handle.  If this or any other electric problem occurs, contact an electrician.  Better safe than sorry.”

How to Lower the Cost of Service

“To lower the cost of a service call, try to minimize the time spent on non electrician-related matters. You can do this by preparing your home and the location of the problem in advance.  Move any furniture that may be in the way, clear away any clutter from the circuit box and have any keys that may be needed available.  Put away any animals if needed.  If your electrician is looking for keys or moving stuff to get into the problem area, you are wasting money and time.

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Thank you!”

–Butch Jackson