As electricians serving the Austin area, we’re well-positioned to observe current and popular trends regarding homes and how they are wired.  Here are a few of the general themes we’re seeing emerge in the local electrical industry:

  • More capacity and capability: Sure, people have their table lamps and television sets, just like they have had since the 1950s. Today, though, they also have laptops, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets that need to be charged. Since these items are designed to be portable, that means they can be charged anywhere — anywhere there’s an outlet, that is. This has led to an increase in the number of outlets it’s considered desirable that a home have. People don’t want to be confined to, say, a den anymore. They want to feel free to lounge wherever and charge their device, if necessary, at the same time.
  • …but smarter power usage by going green: Although we as a society are using a lot of power, people seem to be getting increasingly mindful of their energy footprint. This new consciousness is to thank for growing interest in energy-efficient appliances, alternative fuels and smarter energy consumption. The desire for these three things affect the electrical industry in myriad ways.
  • Dimmer switches: Interior decorators often recommend the installation of dimmer switches as an inexpensive way to give a room more character and create the ability to generate different moods. Dimmer switches have become so popular that many home buyers expect to have them in multiple rooms. This affects energy consumption as well as the potential for ambient lighting sources.
  • LED Lighting.  We’ve preached it loud and proud for years, but now LEDs are finally catching on and coming into their own.  With rebates offered by utility companies and a drop in electrical bills and heating usage, it’s no surprise that LEDs have finally come to the forefront in how areas are lit and powered.  Check this out to learn more about the differences between certain types of bulb.

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