Parents worry about the safety of their children day in and day out.  We worry about stranger danger, car safety, pool safety, anything and everything that can be potentially dangerous for our children.  Electrical issues around the home are just as worrisome.  With the holiday season coming, it’s important to keep in mind these important tips to keep your decorations from becoming a hazard for your kids. Here are a few important electrical safety tips and solutions to keep in mind when you have children around.

  • Address electrical problems right away. 
    Make sure children are kept away from the area until the problems have been fixed.
  • Make sure cords are tucked neatly and safely away. 
    Cords on the floor can trip children and cause injuries.  Children can tug at cords above them which causes items to fall on them.  Crawling babies can bite and chew on exposed cords seriously injuring themselves.  When possible keep unused items stored out of reach or wrap up the cords.
  • Avoid water. 
    The most common accidents around the house involve electricity use around water.  Make sure to keep electrical items away from bath tubs.  Any outlets that are near potential water (bathrooms, kitchens, exterior plugs) must be protected by a GFCI, which will trip under a tiny amount of load, thereby preventing major shock and injury.
  • Don’t over crowd outlets. 
    Too many items plugged into outlets or extension cords can cause damages or even fires.
  • Cover those unused outlets! 
    This is very simple and most stores have a variety of safety outlet plugs to choose from.  Exploring children can stick their fingers or small items into exposed outlets and they can get seriously injured.  NEC code requires that tamper-proof outlets are installed in newer homes.
  • Never leave candles, drinks or other items on top of electrical devices. 
    Children can bump into them, causing fire, electrical sparks and other potential injuries to themselves.
  • Talk to your children about these safety tips and help them understand the dangers. 
    If they are old enough to speak and understand, teach them the proper ways to handle electronic and electrical devices.

These are all simple and common safety cautions that are often overlooked.  So don’t ignore the simple tips.

For more electrical tips and information on how we can help you with you home electrical issues contact us. Remember: we can provide safety inspections that can help detect other problems.