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Circuit Breaker Tripped Off – What Do I Do?

What a breaker in the "tripped" position looks like.

What a breaker in the “tripped” position looks like.

The first thing to you need to know about a circuit breaker is that a it can trip off even though it looks like it’s in the “ON” position. The reason for this problem is a circuit breaker will at times trip off internally, that’s without the “ON/OFF” handle flipping to OFF or moving at all.

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Helping Keep Children Safe

At Jackson Electric Inc., we believe that customer service goes beyond solving electrical emergencies or providing expertise and electrical services. Children are precious and most people try to protect them. Many go to great lengths to child- and baby-proof their homes. With locking mechanisms on cabinets and doors, making sure they can not get to anything that may be hazardous, we fence off stairs, we put protective coverings over sharp corners and these are all wonderful steps to promote the safety of your child. But we can’t forget to take the correct steps on perhaps one of the most important aspects of child safety, and that issue is electricity.

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Electrical problems in your home or office? How to Save Some Money!

“If you’re experiencing any electrical problems in your home or office you should contact a professional electrician ASAP.  Depending on the issue, an unchecked problem could pose potential danger, and it could also increase your electric bill.  If you live in city like Austin TX,  having a power outage during the summer months can be hard to handle.  If this or any other electric problem occurs, contact an electrician.  Better safe than sorry.”

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Why Hire a Professional Electrican?

“You should never attempt to take care of an electrical problem on your own. I have people tell me all the problems they have ran into because they thought they could just save some money.  They ended up paying more. Besides it can be a complicated issue which you probably don’t know enough about, it’s also dangerous to deal with wiring and electricity without proper training, and it may be illegal. Additionally, most insurance policies will be voided if an unqualified individual tampers with your wiring. And if they don’t know the codes you will have the same problem.  Lastly, a professional electrician will provide quality, lasting service, know the laws and regulations involved, and make sure your home is safe.

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Butch Jackson, Founder

–Butch Jackson, Founder