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Why You Should Replace Aluminum Wiring

Please Note: We offer this article for informational purposes only. Jackson Electric provides a variety of services for your electrical needs; however due to liability reasons, and as part of company policy, we do not work on lighting, switches, outlets or branch circuits that are wired in aluminum or copper-clad aluminum in branch circuits as described below. We also do not install COP-ALUM fixtures.  These issues are costly and dangerous to repair, and require much higher levels of maintenance. There are several companies in the Austin area that choose to handle aluminum wiring.

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Whole House Surge Protectors – Why You Need One


If you’re like many homeowners, you believe that the power strip where you’ve plugged your computer, printer, television, stereo, lamp, cable box (the list could go on) is protecting your appliances and electronics from a power surges. The truth is that these power strips offer very little surge protection and are most often a glorified extension cord. The delicate electronic circuitry of your home is vulnerable if it’s not protected by a whole-home surge protector. Power strip surge protectors are in fact a good idea, and can be valuable.  Lightning strikes can enter the house from anywhere, and having the whole-house protector working in tandem with the power strips provide the most effective protection.

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Is Your Home Up To Code?

When was the last time you checked to see if your home meets the minimum electrical code standards? Many central Texas homes don’t. The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a set of basic standards that ensure safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the U.S.  It’s designed to prevent fires and electric shocks, to keep circuits from overloading, and more. The code is updated every three years so you can imagine that parts of your home’s electrical system may not meet the suggested safety standards.

Here are just a couple of improvements worth considering:

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Give Your Home a Yearly Electrical Checkup


Fall is the time to give your house its annual check up before the holidays get here.  No matter how well you take care of your home, the electrical system is prone to wear and tear over time. Regularly testing and evaluating the various switches, receptacles and breakers in your home’s electrical system can prevent a dangerous situation from occurring later on.

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Outlet Fires: What Causes Them And How To Prevent Them!

This photo is from a house in which 4 outlets caught fire and had 2 blown switches (click the image to full-size).  This was not an old house.  Some people think that because of the age of their home, they should be fine and everything should be in great working order.  In most cases you would be right, but that is not always the case.  

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Circuit Breaker Tripped Off – What Do I Do?

What a breaker in the "tripped" position looks like.

What a breaker in the “tripped” position looks like.

The first thing to you need to know about a circuit breaker is that a it can trip off even though it looks like it’s in the “ON” position. The reason for this problem is a circuit breaker will at times trip off internally, that’s without the “ON/OFF” handle flipping to OFF or moving at all.

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Helping Keep Children Safe

At Jackson Electric Inc., we believe that customer service goes beyond solving electrical emergencies or providing expertise and electrical services. Children are precious and most people try to protect them. Many go to great lengths to child- and baby-proof their homes. With locking mechanisms on cabinets and doors, making sure they can not get to anything that may be hazardous, we fence off stairs, we put protective coverings over sharp corners and these are all wonderful steps to promote the safety of your child. But we can’t forget to take the correct steps on perhaps one of the most important aspects of child safety, and that issue is electricity.

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