Electrical Storm Safety for Central Texas

lightning striking electrical tower in Texas

Central Texas is known for our fierce electrical storms during the warmer season and can be a problem for commercial and residential properties. Once you see lightning strike in your vicinity, you should immediately head indoors. However, although your home is a safe location, you still need to take several safety precautions until the storm has passed.  We’ve put together a few ways for protecting your home and others from electrical injuries in the event of a severe thunderstorm.

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Holiday Decoration Safety Tips


It’s that time of the year to outdo the neighbor’s decorations and put up enough lighting around your house to make Clark Griswold blush! Christmas decorations go as far back as the 1600s in Germany with the use of candles and became even more popular in the mid-1900s with the improvement of outdoor cables. But before you start on your merry way be sure to go through these safety tips first. Never plug in anything until you’ve followed these steps!

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Many Central Texas Homes Don’t Meet Minimum Electrical Code Standards


The National Electric Code is a group of standards established by the National Fire Protection Association regarding safe electrical installation, wiring, and equipment in homes, commercial buildings, and other areas. The code, which is updated every three years, was developed to prevent electrical fires, electrical shocks, and other unsafe issues. The code is more than a restrictive document, however – it is also an instructive one.

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A Backup Generator Keeps Your Central Texas Home Running During Power Outages


We rely on a steady supply of electricity for many of our everyday needs. When the power goes out it can be inconvenient or potentially dangerous. Electricity in Central Texas can be temporarily interrupted by problems in the electrical grid, such a rolling blackouts during summer heat waves, or possibly for days following a severe storm or hurricane.

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Electrical Safety in Austin TX

May is National Electrical Safety Month. To mark this occasion, we’re providing our readers with a checklist of ideas you can use to help protect your family and property. Whether you reside here in the Austin TX area or somewhere else, these ideas can help you.  Electricity continues to be a safe and reliable form of energy that we use virtually every minute of every to make our lives easier. But it’s easy for us to take electricity for granted, and overlook the fact that it can be dangerous in not used properly. Be sure to check out the blog for another great article, Our Safety Inspections: A Point-By-Point Explanation. Here are some things you can do to better ensure a high level of electrical safety in your home:

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Our Safety Inspections: A Point-by-Point Explanation

We offer complimentary safety inspections with every service call.  They are done after your service is complete, taking approximately 15 minutes, and for no additional charge.  The points on the inspection are based on the current guidelines in the National Electrical Code, as well as common-sense pointers from our master electricians (with close to 70 years combined experience).

Safety is our top concern when servicing your home.  As codes and local ordinances change, we will help you keep updated on what the requirements are to ensure you are up-to-date.

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Electrical Repairs for Landlords


Owning rental property isn’t always a money maker. Especially when you factor in paying someone for basic repairs and updates. You might think it’ll be fine to just to do some by yourself, like installing a new ceiling light or updating an outlet. After all, there are tons of How-To’s on the internet, right? And think of the money you’ll save.

Think again.

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Children: Important Electrical Safety Tips for the Holidays


Parents worry about the safety of their children day in and day out.  We worry about stranger danger, car safety, pool safety, anything and everything that can be potentially dangerous for our children.  Electrical issues around the home are just as worrisome.  With the holiday season coming, it’s important to keep in mind these important tips to keep your decorations from becoming a hazard for your kids. Here are a few important electrical safety tips and solutions to keep in mind when you have children around.

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