We rely on a steady supply of electricity for many of our everyday needs. When the power goes out it can be inconvenient or potentially dangerous. Electricity in Central Texas can be temporarily interrupted by problems in the electrical grid, such a rolling blackouts during summer heat waves, or possibly for days following a severe storm or hurricane.

Backup Generator

When the electricity is on, it is easy to take for granted all the household systems that depend on it. When the power goes out you are immediately confronted with no lights, no air conditioning or heat, and no refrigeration. It is at times like these that a backup generator is able to deliver power directly to your home’s electrical system.


Depending on the size of your generator, it may or may not be sufficient to back up your entire home’s electrical needs. Your generator can be programmed to only power essential services, such as lighting and refrigeration to keep your food from spoiling. During extended power outages at a time of extreme temperatures, a backup generator can provide a safe zone for children and the elderly.


An automatic standby generator will power your critical appliances even if you are not at home during a power outage. The unit is located outside your home and starts automatically when the power goes out, feeding electricity into your home’s electrical system. It will also automatically shut down when the power comes back on.


A backup generator needs to be installed by a professional electrician who has experience with these types of equipment. Proper installation is necessary not only to ensure it will be safe and reliable when needed, but there are also gas and electrical permits that need to be obtained.

A backup generator provides peace of mind during times of power outages, and if the power goes out often you may find that your investment quickly pays for itself. At Jackson Electric, Inc. in Austin TX, all our electricians are professionally trained and knowledgeable about current electrical laws and codes. Contact us to learn more about protecting your home and family during power outages.