If you run a business or own a commercial property, you know how important it is to hire high-quality professionals who get the job done right the first time. This is the same for any type of business or commercial property, whether it’s dealing with plumbing, IT, or wiring and electricity

You are also well aware how integral it is to the success of your situation that mistakes are left at the door. Nobody has the time or the money to fix mistakes that could have been avoided if the job had been done right to begin with.

Luckily, though, when you begin your search for a qualified and experienced commercial electrician, half the job is done for you. In this post, we’ll give you 7 tips on picking a commercial electrician, and advice on how to hire the right company for the job.

  1. Check references. After the initial screening process, there’s no harm in asking for references from the professional that you choose. All commercial electricians are more than happy to provide a list of resources for you to look over that corroborate their skills and backs up their work.
  2. Ask additional questions. Along with references, treat your first interaction with your new electrician like a job interview. Inquire about licenses and certifications. How long they have been in business? What type of work have they done? If they are familiar with what you require, and so on. The more you know, the smoother your interaction will be, the quicker the work gets done.
  3. Talk money. You no doubt have a budget that you need to keep to. So… communicate it to the commercial electrician that you have chosen. Be aware, though, sometimes budgets need changing depending on the type of work that needs to be done. For this reason, be prepared to adjust your budget by around 25% per job. But don’t worry about money. When you hire a good electrician, you’ll end up saving money in the long run anyway.
  4. Do your own detective work. Once you narrow down your choices, ask friends, family, and other outfits their opinion on who you’ve chosen. Sometimes there’s no better way to get the details you need than from those who have already worked with whom you have selected.
  5. Call and schedule estimates. To get a fair price, schedule several different commercial electricians to come out and give you an estimate. This will work for you in two ways. 1. You’ll get an average cost for how much the work will be. 2. You get to meet the people who will perform the work. In both instances, scheduling an estimate for the work you need done directly benefits you, so don’t hesitate to make contact.
  6. Discuss the work in detail. With each company, take the time to discuss details with the electrician sent to do the job. In doing so, you can assess their work ethic, their level of skill, whether they think more work needs done, and if you feel the cost justifies the actions. Because commercial electrical work can be quite tricky, you want to feel completely comfortable with your selection, and have a worry-free relationship that lasts long into the future.
  7. Get a contract. No matter the type of work, ensure that the work order is in writing, with details and specifics as to cost, what work is to be done, and start and stop times. Though we all wish things could be distilled to a handshake and a smile (we give those too!), a contract protects you and the commercial electrician from any wrongs. A contract is legally binding; all commercial electricians will provide one when work needs done. If they don’t, move on. Also, if something changes in the plans, or you need to add or remove some items from the contract, communicate your concerns to the electrician and get all changes IN WRITING and agreed to before asking them to commence work. Again, this is to protect both you and the contractor.

Ready to schedule work for your business or commercial property? Then please contact us for an estimate – our commercial electrical team is top-notch and pros at what they do.

Our team working a downtown Austin job.

Our team working a downtown Austin job.

We are committed to building strong relationships with all our customers, and we are proud of the work we do. Please let us know if you would like us to inspect a building or provide a bid for some electrical services work you need.