Going green means using things that do not impact the Earth in a negative way. What was once just a trend a few decades ago, has become a reality in every part of the world.  Going green can mean many things: recycling, buying organic or locally grown, or even finding alternate means of travel. But when it comes to improving your home, it means less impact, and huge future savings.  Here are some eco-friendly electrical tips on going green.

1. Your hot water heater works hard when it’s cold outside. So when the temperatures warm up, consider turning the thermostat down a few degrees to lessen stress, and save money.

2. It was proven long ago, clothing doesn’t need to be washed in hot water. With modern detergents, cleaning agents, and machines, cold water works just as well. Using cold water also uses less household energy, passing the savings onto you.

3. Switch out old light bulbs for efficient LED bulbs. Retrofitting your home is simple, and only takes a few hours to achieve, reducing your electric rates in the process.

4. Look for the “Energy Star” label on all appliances that you buy. This government label guarantees that the device that you purchased uses less energy than comparable products, and applies to any product baring the label.

5. Have a certified electrician check out your fuse box for potential problems. A fuse box or breaker box, when operating poorly, can leech power away from devices, increasing consumption. If you don’t know how old the box is, it’s time to call a professional.

6. Invest in solar options. A solar panel attached to the roof of your home can easily be used to charge all of your devices on a daily basis. Think of the positive impact on the environment (and your wallet) you’ll make while readying your smartphone up for its daily use.

7. Take care to keep your existing appliances running smoothly. Replace filters, clean fans, and ensure that they are running to spec. Neglecting simple maintenance processes adds up fast and costs you money.

It’s not difficult to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money. For more on how we can help you “Go Green!” please contact us.